I’m teaching the Heidelberg Catechism on Sunday mornings. I’ve been reading ahead recently, and I find it fascinating that ‘christian education’ is described as one of our duties under the fourth commandment (Q. 103). I reckon a lot of conservative, reformed types would put it under the fifth.

Since I’ve now been introduced to the dark arts of links, will conjure up before your very eyes a few explanations for those who I have on my blog roll. Unlike my partner in crime, Slash, whom you may know as Jon Amos, I have decided early on to keep my roll to a minimum….

Concerning the recent internet hooplah, I recommend the wisdom of Treebeard: Fight fiercely, but don’t be hasty.

You’d never know we had four inches of snow yesterday. It’s like Spring out there today. It was real sad driving into town this morning, seeing yard after yard with fallen and crumbling snow men, melting sentries in the sun. I haven’t listed the book, but I’m reading The Monsters and the Critics by Tolkien…

Jenny and I had all the neighborhood kids over in our front yard this morning for a massive snow ball fight. The air was thick with snowy gore. I built a rather large snow fort that came up to my shoulders. (Although by the end of the fight, it only reached my waist.) We went…

“All the descendants of Adam, except Christ, are under condemnation; all the descendants of Adam, except those of whom it is expressly revealed that they cannot inherit the kingdom of God, are saved.” -Charles Hodge

in the beginning testing, testing… is this mic on?