Tuesday is park day at Atlas. We do a little bit of school inside and then we break out into the world. We march through the streets of Moscow with sweater vests and baseball bats. We fear no biker cop. We wear Mariner hats because we’ll wear no other. We grip our gloves and scuff…

As it turns out, the Anglican church is a grand experiment in lay leadership. I had never really connected all the dots, but the head of the Anglican church is the join rule of king and parliament. How about that.

By the way, for any of you Spokane types out there. “Earnest” will be in Spokane on Thursday at 7pm. I have more details if you need them.

“The Importance of Earnest” is ready to ORDER! There are two versions: 1) March 2003: Saturday afternoon showing at the Kenworthy 2) April 2003: Friday night showing at the Kenworthy Prices: VHS – $15 (2 for $25, 3 for $35, etc.) DVD – $25 (2 for $45, 3 for $65, etc.) To Order: Call Rachel…

Not much to say today. The sky is blue. The air is cool. Everything is going ahead as planned (with the sun rising and all). I have an interview for a part time job today. I hope this will be the end of my searching. I am excessively amused by the prophet Micaiah these days….

Heard last night at an Indigo Girls’ Honor the Earth concert: “The guy who reminds me the most of Dr. Evil is Dick Chaney.” (Winona LaDuke, former vice-president hopeful with Ralph Nader)

Atlas School is currently looking to hire a part-time math and science teacher for next fall. Classes would meet for up to 3 hours, two mornings a week. Please inquire for a more detailed job description and see our web site for more information about the school. All interested parties should contact me.

Some of you will be happy to hear that ever since I posted that story about young Schuler’s early scientific exploits, I have had ceaseless banners across the top of my page saying things like “House train your puppy” and “Dog training”. I’m a little disturbed.

Oh wait. I forgot. Aunt Lucy has a blog now! Go see it here. She’ll also be joining the coveted ranks of the sidebar links. Welcome to blogdom, AL.

I’ll be on the roof if you need me.