River & Felicity for Mother’s Day

Psalms and the Pentateuch

In his introduction to the Old Testament, Lasor says that the five books of the Psalter correspond to the five books of the Pentateuch. In fact that number of psalms (150) is probably related to the sections the Pentateuch is divided into for readings in the synagogue (153). (p. 430)

Wilson and Hitchens Debate

Our former pastor, Douglas Wilson, is engaged in a debate over at Christianity Today’s website. The debate is scheduled to proceed for the month of May. The first salvo is here and the second one is here. Enjoy.

Unmaking the World

Nahum Sarna points out that there are seven calamities that befall Job in the first chapter. The calamities come in three groups of two, each cycle begins with the destruction of animals and finishes with the death of humans. The final blow comes in the seventh announcement which is the most devistating, the death of…

A Response to the PCA Report on the Federal Vision

Pastor Jeff Meyers has responded to the recently released PCA study report on the Federal Vision. Meyers’ response, entitled “30 Reasons,” can be found here. Also, it appears that Reformed News will be covering things over the next few weeks and months.

Saying Thank You

This is the Eucharist. Eucharisto means “I give thanks.” This the “Thanksgiving Meal.” Here we offer the sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving. Here we commune with one another and the Lord of the table, our Lord Jesus Christ. But you must understand what you are saying by eating and drinking. Fundamentally, you are saying “Thank…

Fifth Sunday in Easter: Exodus 8:1-32

Opening Prayer: Almighty God, you speak the Word and mountains explode. You give the command and the deep plates of the earth churn, and the depths are broken up. There is nothing that withstands your mighty Word, and therefore we ask that you would speak to us now in your Word. Break our hard hearts…

Your Highest Calling

The worship of God’s people on the Lord’s Day, on Sunday, is the most important thing you do each week. If you are baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, you have been adopted into the family of God, and he summons you here to appear before him. You have an…


Toward a Corpse Bride Theology

I just saw Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride a couple weeks ago. Like many of Burton’s other films, Corpse Bride is a dark-humored fairy tale of sorts. Just a few things I found intriguing and fun (spoilers below): 1. The humor was clever and kept the movie light in the midst of dark themes. While it…