All Teaching is Application

When I teach that the persons of the Trinity live in eternal perichoretic unity, I am not merely making an ontological, first-order claim about the nature of reality — though I am doing that. I am not teaching “timeless truth” that has to be “applied” to the ever shifting realities of an historical community. Rather,…

Against Theology Too

The Bible never mentions theology. It does not preach theology, nor does it encourage us to preach theology. Paul did not preach theology, nor did any of the other apostles… Theology is gnostic, and the Church firmly rejected gnosticism from her earliest days. -Peter Leithart, Against Christianity, 43.

TeamPyro on Driscoll (& Moscow)

Some of you may have seen this post by Phil Johnson from the TeamPyro blog on Mark Driscoll. Johnson claims that Driscoll’s position on what he calls the “gift of discernment” is actually some kind of “pornographic divination” and that Driscoll is really more part of the charismatic movement’s “lunatic fringe” than really Reformed. As it…

Cowardice Renamed Courage

Christianity is institutionalized worldliness, worldliness accepted in principle, worldliness not at the margins but at the center, worldliness built into the foundation. Christianity is worldliness that has become so much our second nature that we call it piety. Peter Leithart, Against Christianity, 17.

Christianity as Compromise

Culturally, modernity is characterized by “value pluralism,” which entails the privatization of religious institutions and religious claims. . . Politically, modernity is shaped by “liberalism,” the political system dedicated to the one proposition that political systems must not be dedicated to one proposition. Though it has roots in the patristic period, Christianity in its more…

Ninth Sunday after Trinity: Second Commandment 2: Ex. 20:4-6

Introduction We said last week that the Second Commandment has everything to do with the image of God. You become like what/who you worship, and idolatry always results in deformities. When broken images carve images to worship, there is always a downgrade. At the same time, God has not left this world image-less; He is…

Not the Lions Club

Christian community, by the same token, is not an extra “religious” layer on social life. The Church is not a club for religious people. The Church is a way of living together before God, a new way of being human together. -Peter Leithart, Against Christianity, 16.

The Trustworthiness of Beards

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Faith that Stretches

The Church is not a people united by common ideas, ideas which collectively go under the name “Christianity.” When the Bible speaks of a people united by faith it does not simply mean that we have the same beliefs about reality. Though the New Testament does use “faith” to refer to a set of teachings…

Radical Together

David Platt writes: The gospel begins and ends with God. He is the holy, just, and gracious Creator of the universe who has sent His Son, God in the flesh, to bear His wrath against sin on the cross and to show His power over sin in the resurrection so that everyone who believes in…