Loving Brothers in Error

One of the realities that Christians face with some regularity and difficulty is the challenge of loving brothers in error. All three of those words are important: loving. brothers. error. Given the harsh world around us full of violence and terror and murder, the Church is called to be a massively different kind of place….

Marriage for Glory #3: What does it mean to “obey” your husband?

Third Sunday in Epiphany 2015 [Note: the audio for this sermon can be found here.] Introduction We come now to the question: What does it mean to obey your husband? A Christian woman obeys her husband by ministering the grace of God to him through her gentle and quiet spirit and fearlessly following his lead….

Real Grace: The Difference between Trust and Forgiveness

One of the Christian duties I have found myself explaining more and more frequently is the difference between forgiveness and trust. The two are related, but they are not identical, and serious confusions creep into situations when they are thought of as being roughly the same thing. There might be a car mechanic in my…

Why the Church Needs Men to Lead

One of the strongest arguments against the ordination of women for ministerial offices in the church may in fact be an argument from silence, or better, an argument from absence. During the course of Jesus’ ministry, He did not shy away from breaking various social taboos. He knew that healing on the Sabbath would put…

Third Sunday in Lent: Tit. 2:3-5: Wife as Priest II

IntroductionWe considered Peter’s instructions to wives last week to be priests to their husbands, to pursue incorruptibility in order to minister grace to them effectively. We look at Paul’s instructions to Titus today regarding older women and younger women. House GuardiansPaul is writing to Titus who has been left by Paul on the island of…