On Letting the Bible Kick You in the Teeth

Below, if I did my cutting and pasting correctly, you should find some snatches of an interview I did recently on my new book Blood-Bought World.

5 Reasons Why You Need Drop Everything and Read “Escape From Reason” Now

I’d like to recommend a short little book to you all, a book I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that I had never read before (until last evening and first thing this morning), Francis Shaeffer’s Escape From Reason. And here’s why you should beg, borrow, buy, trade yourself into the possession of a copy of this…

A Translation of God’s Logic

The words ‘God said’ appear ten times in the creation account. In this way the creation narrative anticipates the Ten Commandments. This makes us realize that these Ten Commandments are, as it were, an echo of the creation; they are not arbitrary inventions for the purpose of erecting barriers to human freedom but signs pointing…

Which Is More Than You Think

“The mission of God’s people is not a matter of how great we are at doing things for God, but a matter of how patient and persistent God is in doing things through us.” – Christopher J.H. Wright, The Mission of God’s People, 169.

The Gospel Blimp

I have to admit that I was amused if not initially a bit unsure of the relevancy of the tale of The Gospel Blimp. It’s the first in a collection of parables by the late Joe Bayly, newly edited and re-released this month by Clearnote Press. The Gospel Blimp is the story of a couple…

Wodehouse Reality Television by C.S. Lewis (& Jesus)

What would happen if (God help you) you pulled one of those lurid, wide-eyed tabloids off the newsstand at the grocery checkout and started reading, only to find out by the time you reached the back cover you’d just read a gospel tract, repented of several sins, and recommitted your life to Christ? What if…

It’s Sexy to Talk Like a Revolutionary

A while back Doug Wilson posted some great thoughts on Jamie Smith’s book Desiring the Kingdom. Doug writes: His thesis, on paper, seems great. Worship shapes desire, and we should measure our success in the church and in the academy by how well we do in forming particular kinds of people — people who love…

Because It’s Never Too Early

Hey look, everyone, now there’s a nifty little Canon Press banner over there on the side bar. There’s a great sale going at the present, and well, you should always check back for new books and great deals. Christmas shopping anyone?

The Only Way

“The only way the Holy Spirit works to regenerate lost men and women is by the Bible. Peter said, ‘you have been born again, not of perishable seed, but of imperishable, through the living and enduring word of God’ (1 Pet. 1:23).” – J.M. Boice  

Missionaries Hurting the Cause of Christ

In Reformation in Foreign Missions, Bob Finley describes the problems with the modern tradition of foreign missions. In particular, he points to the stumbling blocks created by the vast economic disparity between most western missionaries and the people they minister to: “Missionaries’ houses served to assist the Communist cause in China. Zealous young Marxists would…