Paul, Canonization, and Authorship

E. Randolph Richards suggests, based on ancient letter writing practice that it would have been very natural (and commonplace) for Paul to have kept copies of the letters he sent to the churches of the first century. Thus, when it comes to trying to figure out how the church came up with the canon of…

Moses & Other Exposed Infants

Several commentaries point out that the story of Moses’ exposure in the Nile parallels other legendary figures. Moses joins Hercules, Cyrus, Romulus and Remus, and Oedipus as an infant child given up to nature, to the wilds, to death who is nevertheless destined for greatness. Of course Moses’ story dramatically differs from many of these….

Insulting 101

Thou mammering shard-borne strumpet!

A Table for Hungry Children

We gather here week after week to commune with the Lord, and we bring our children to this table. This is good and right, but it is worth reminding ourselves every so often why we do this. And it’s a good idea to know why we bring our children to this table particularly in the…

First Sunday in Lent: Exodus I: 1:1-22

Opening Prayer: Almighty and Gracious God, you have gathered us here in your presence. We have heard many words this week: many of them ugly, many of them wicked, many of them shallow and meaningless, and many of them lies. But we have come now to hear your Word. Speak to us now with your…

Not Some Kind of Make-Believe War Game

Worship is warfare. We are not here to pat each other on the back; we are not here to get an ego massage. We are not here to sing and say things that make us feel good. We are here as the armies of the most high God, the hosts of the Lord of hosts….

Happy Sabbath

Journey to Easter

The Christian Almanac records that on February 23rd, 303 A.D., the Roman Emperor Diocletian re-instituted a severe persecution of the Christian Church. Struggling to revitalize an empire that was beginning to pull apart under a number of political and economic factors, the emperor identified Christians as one of the greatest threats to the cohesion of…

Scroll up your Roll

Turns out that technically, according to E. Randolph Richards, the word “scroll” was originally the verb, and the word “roll” was the noun. This juicy tidbit was found slinking about in the footnotes on p. 49 of Paul and First-Century Letter Writing.

You are the Curriculum

This is an outline of a recent presentation I gave at New Covenant School in Anderson, SC. Toward a Biblical Vision for a Classical Curriculum IntroductionIt was St. Augustine who said in his Confessions that “we learn better in a free state of curiosity than under fear and compulsion.” At the same time, every experienced…