The Dark Side of Genius

The figure of the Fool is widely misunderstood. He is neither a jester nor a clown nor an idiot. He is, instead, the dark side of genius. For if a genius has the ability to see and make connections beyond the normal range of vision, the fool is one who can see — and disconnect….

Wished She Had Baked Less Bread

Just tweeted a link to this a little while ago. But I thought this was one of the most salient parts: A friend of mine, a homeschool mom, just passed away of cancer. In the week before she died, I asked her if she had any regrets in her life. She told me she wished…

Not the Nephew of Julius Caesar

When the Church began to announce its gospel, this gospel of an inaugurated golden age [from the Roman poets] had been in the air for some time. Christians challenged the very claim advanced by the imperial [Roman] eschatology: Augustus, they said, is not the eschatological king; Jesus is. Rome is not the final empire and…

The Church is Neither Left or Right

Francis Shaeffer said, Christian may be at times, ‘cobelligerents’ with the Left or the Right, but never allies. ‘If there is social injustice, say there is social injustice. If we need order, say we need order… But do not align yourself as though you are in either of these camps: You are an ally of…

Contextualization be Damned (Again)

Contextualization be damned. We have our own story, and if it clashes with the stories we find around us, so much the worse for the other stories. Our story, after all, is big enough to encompass every other. -Peter Leithart, Against Christianity, 58-59.  

Only Love to Give

“Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.” (Jn. 15:13) In the first instance, Jesus is that great friend. He is the friend who laid his life down for not only his friends but even his enemies. For while were still sinners Christ died for us. While…

Who Are the Real Terrorists?

“For it is a day of trouble and treading down and perplexity by the Lord God of hosts in the Valley of Vision – breaking down the walls and of crying to the mountain.” (Is. 22:5) Today marks the ten year anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. On this day 10 years ago, nearly 3000…

Typology without Shame

If the Church is to recover the gospel, she must recover typological interpretation and learn to repeat, without any irony or embarrassment and as a political credo, the words of Paul: “Jerusalem above is free; and she is our mother.” -Peter Leithart, Against Christianity, 58.

Laughter, Holy War, and Israel’s True King

Luke describes Zacharias and Elizabeth echoing several OT stories. First, they are obviously an Abraham and Sarah. They walk in the commandments and ordinances of the Lord “blameless” (1:6, cf. Gen. 17:1). And Elizabeth, like Sarah, is barren. This means John the Baptizer is an Isaac, and perhaps Zacharias’ speechlessness underlines this. Zacharias cannot talk,…

The Church is a Culture

Cultures are identified by their stories, and the Church is a culture. It follows that the Church too is defined by her story. -Peter Leithart, Against Christianity, 56.