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Tyre Nichols & Systemic Oppression & Blessing

IntroductionSo we just witnessed another round of opportunistic outrage. A video was released of the violent beating and tazing of Tyre Nichols, and it certainly appears that some Memphis police officers massively overstepped, abused their authority, ultimately resulting in Tyre’s death. Of course, the Left has used this as a moment to preach their gospel

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Dressed for the King

God meets us where we are, not where we should have been. This means that when someone walks into church off the street smelling and looking like the world, they are most welcome. Jesus welcomed us in our sins, and therefore, sinners of every stripe are most welcome. Come and welcome to Jesus Christ. But

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School Choice & The Fat Thugs That Want Your Kids

IntroductionWhenever something sounds too good to be true, the rule of any sane person should be to consider it a scam until proven otherwise. When you get that email from that Saudi Arabian Prince wanting to share his inheritance with you, I’m no financial advisor or Middle Eastern political dilettante, but I advise you to

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Joseph & Jesus

At the end of Genesis, Joseph faintly pictures what Adam should have done and become, and in so doing he pictures Jesus, the second Adam, the last Adam, come to restore the human race. Where Adam listened to the voice of his wife, Joseph refused to listen to Potiphar’s wife enticing him. Likewise, Jesus did

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Other Channels

I've got a bunch of irons in the fire. Here are some other places where you can get a hold of other content I'm a part of churning out.


CrossPolitic (Christ over politics) mixes the taboo formula of faith, culture, and politics to bring the clarity of the gospel into muddle America. We are a community of Christians who desire to see the Lordship of Christ in every corner of our culture, reigning over every politician, and changing every individual for our good and His glory.

Christ Church

I'm an associate pastor at Christ Church. Christ Church is a great trove of resources for worship, discipleship, and teaching. Go take a turn on the Christ Church's website to get the latest sermons, music library, and upcoming conferences and events.

Canon Press

I've written a few books which Canon Press has kindly published. Canon also publishes a ton of other great books. You could spend a good deal of coin and get a great deal of benefit from all their resources. They always have great deals and exciting new releases. Check them out.



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