Advent Prayers

Occasionally people have asked what my family does for Advent.

I’ve posted a summary of our weekly tree-decorating antics here.

We’re also doing the Advent wreath/candle custom this year, and I found these simple prayers that I’m using with the kids. These are so short and simple that they are easy for me (or mom) to say a line and the rest of the family just repeats.


Daily Prayers for Lighting the Advent Wreath

First Week 

O Emmanuel, Jesus Christ,
desire of every nation,
Savior of all peoples,
come and dwell among us.

Second Week 

O King of all nations, Jesus Christ,
only joy of every heart,
come and save your people.


Third Week

O Key of David, Jesus Christ,
the gates of heaven open at your command,
come and show us the way to salvation.


Fourth Week

O Wisdom, holy Word of God, Jesus Christ,
all things are in your hands,
come and show us the way to salvation.


I found these prayers here.

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