Learning from our Father

Every Sunday, the deacons bring our tithes and offerings forward and set them here on this table. It’s worth pointing this out because it’s not just a nice thing we do. When we bring your tithes and offerings forward, we are doing it as an act of worship, an act of allegiance, an act of praise to Jesus our King. But when we give our tithes and offerings to the Lord, we are of course only giving back to Him some of what He gave us. Many of you practice learning to tithe with your children, giving them money for jobs around the house, and then teaching them to count out their tithe and bring it to church and put it in the box at the back before the service. But really, all of us are always doing that. Jesus gives us little jobs to do and blesses us and teaches us to remember that it’s all from Him. It all belongs to Him. And so we put our tithes and offerings in the box too. But of course when we give, we are imitating Him too just as our children are imitating us. God is our Father and as His dearly beloved children, we imitate Him by giving. God gives us everything: life, health, children, joy, food, possessions, money, houses, clothing, cars, salvation. He gives, and so we practice to be givers like Him. It’s no accident that we do this right before communion either. We give like our Dad gives and then we sit down at our Dad’s table. We are His children, and so we eat with Him. But just like all that we enjoy, and all that we give, we are always only enjoying our Father’s provision. And this is exactly how Jesus talks: don’t worry about what you will wear or eat or drink. Your Father knows all that you need. Seek first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. Come, eat and drink, here is the bread of life, the manna come down from heaven. You are forgiven all your sins. Your Father, calls you to the feast. Do not worry. Do not fear. This meal means you belong to Him.

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