The Wrecking Ball of the Spirit

We gathered here for war. We have been summonsed by our King: You are His nobles, His princes, His lords and ladies; You are His hosts, His armies, His lieutenants and captains and infantry. You have been in the fray this week. You have faced enemies, you have faced giants and dragons and sins and pain. You may be coming off of a week of victories; you may be coming off of a week of failures. You may be coming off of a week of a few of both.

But the wonderful thing is that here, now, in this place as God calls us each by name and all of us by His own name, and we call upon Him as our God, our Lord, our Master, our King, as He invites us to lift up our hearts to Him, He lifts us up to Himself, the Spirit lifts us up into His very presence, and we are invited to wage war on sin and death and Satan and all evil in a way that far surpasses anything you might imagine, in a way that far surpasses what you’re able to do during the week.

You see, this is actually the first work of the Kingdom here. This is where we lay our ambush; this is where we perform the great air war. This is where we drop our nukes on sin, death, and the devil. Before you fight the battle against anger tonight, before you fight the battle against lust tomorrow, before you fight the battle against laziness on Wednesday, before you fight the battle against lying on Friday, you begin here by asking God to wield His sword on your heart and mind through His Word. You begin here by singing your war songs, believing that God marches before you slaying your enemies, making your path secure. You begin here casting your cares upon the Lord asking Him to move mountains, asking Him to heal the sick, asking Him to remove tyrants, asking Him to raise up the humble and meek. You begin here by feasting at the Lord’s Table, eating and drinking the victory of the Lamb who was slain.

Abraham was promised Canaan, and the He went through the land building altars and calling on the Name of the Lord, and hundreds of years later, Joshua led choirs and trumpets to circle Jericho until the walls came tumbling down. We don’t fight with fists or swords or bombs. We fight by the power of the Spirit. We fight with the Word of God, and we wield the wrecking ball of the Spirit until the walls of unbelief and tyranny and slavery fall down. We fight now. We wage war now.


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